Subscription & Billing
Invoices & Receipts


Navigate to the "Invoices" section of your Settings > Subscription & Billing (opens in a new tab) panel.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you should see your Invoices displayed like this:


Paid Invoices

All customers are on automatic payment plans - so you should generally see invoices marked as "Paid". For Paid invoices you should see a screen like this, where you can download your Invoice and Receipt 👉

Stripe Paid Screen

Unpaid Invoices

If an Invoice shows as "UNPAID" that means the invoice is not yet paid, likely because of an issue with your payment card on file.

You will see a screen like this - with the Unpaid Invoice link shown in red:

Stripe Unpaid Screen

Click through on the "UNPAID (Click to pay)" link. You will be taken to Grantseeker's Stripe payment screen where you can add your payment details and checkout:

Stripe Unpaid Screen

If you have any questions or clarifications regarding your account, please reach out to support (opens in a new tab)

Not seeing this option? Double-check that you have the 'Admin' or 'Owner' role in your Settings > Team Members (opens in a new tab). Please contact support by chat or email if you need to update your team permissions.