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IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search

In our Prospecting Plan we process and make accessible millions of IRS filing records so you don't have to.

But sometimes you just want to go upstream to the source, and explore a bit. We know - we do too! 🤓

Direct Lookup
If you want to go direct to the source, here is where you can lookup non-profits directly from the IRS website: (opens in a new tab)

Bulk Downloads
Bulk downloads of all 990 filings are here (XML and pdf): (opens in a new tab)

Business Master File Extract
The Business Master File ("BMF") which is a summary of by EIN of mostly financial data, is here: (opens in a new tab)

If you'd like to come work with us to make these even more open and accessible, please drop us a line at support at grantseeker dot io. Include in your subject line the passphrase 'projecthummingbird' (in all caps) and some helpful links to your work. We'd love to connect.