Prospecting Plan
Open Search

Open Search

You may have noticed in 2023 that we launched an freely accessible Search site: (opens in a new tab)

Anyone can use this site, whether you are a Grantseeker customer or not. Our goal is to make nonprofit data universally accessible and useful to everyone.

Prospecting Plan Integration

If you are on our Prospecting plan you get an added bonus: the Open Site links right into the Grantseeker.

Simply click the "Track as Funder" button in the profile you wish to track - this will open a new tab (you will be prompted to login, if needed, and then will be redirected back to the right screen):

Track Funder

You should now see a popup screen with "Track as Funder" option (on the left) and Bookmark (on the right, if you want to review further). Select which you'd like and get back to searching - or start building out your grant opportunities:

Track Funder

Pro Tip: Search Together!

Sometimes you want to share the link with a teammate / board member / or consultant - we made this super easy with the "Share the Link"

Some teams are taking advantage of the openness to recruit stakeholders to do some hunting for them. Since you don't need to even have an account with Grantseeker, it's easy to have anyone particpate and share links - the more the merrier!