Premium Plan

Calendar Integration

Note: this is a paid Premium feature. (opens in a new tab) To learn more about our Premium features, please visit our Pricing (opens in a new tab) page. 

Simplify your workflow by integrating your grant-related tasks and deadlines into the calendar application you?re already using!

Enabling the Integration

  1. Navigate to the settings page ( (opens in a new tab)) and click the "Enable" button.

2. Copy the Calendar URL 3. Add the calendar by URL to your application of choice.

Configuring Your Calendar

To find the Grantseeker calendar on your calendar:





Please note: adding the Grantseeker calendar will create a new subscribed calendar called 'Grantseeker' and each entry into the calendar from Grantseeker will be entered as an all-day event. The initial calendar sync will be instant, but subsequent syncs for as new events or changes to privacy settings may take up to a day, depending on your calendar application.

Calendar subscription links do not require a login, so anybody with access to the link will be able to view event details. Although rare, there could be risks to having calendar titles and descriptions potentially exposed. Only share this URL with trusted parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which calendars are supported by this integration?
A: This integration is supported by most internet enabled calendar providers, including Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal. 

Q: Will my calendar automatically update when changes are made within Grantseeker?
A: Yes, the integration acts as a live "subscription". Note: there may be a delay in receiving updates depending on how often your calendar application of choice refreshes. Applications such as iCal allow configuration for how often it checks for updates, but Google calendar does not. 

Q: Why does my calendar not show my teammate's assigned tasks?
A: Grantseeker calendars are customized for each user. As a result, you'll only see tasks that are specifically assigned to you, but you'll still see the same Grant, Request, Report, and Payment deadlines that are shared across the team. Likewise, your teammate's calendar will only show their assigned tasks along with the other team records. Thus, tasks assigned to other users will not show up on your individual calendar.