Getting Started
Successful Orgs Do This

Organziational Success

Setting Up Your New Organization

There's nothing that breeds success like putting your own mark on something.

So take a few minutes before you get started with Grantseeker to fill in your logo, name, and organizational details under Settings > Organizational Detais (opens in a new tab). When you're done, come back here!

People ♥ Process ♥ Technology

Organizations that get the most value from Grantseeker have integrated it into their workflow (Process) and teams (People).

We'll spare you the management consulting deck. Here's the Simple as 1-2-3 version:

People: Have a Grantseeker "Pilot" (& Co-Pilot!)

Your Grantseeker experience will be made significantly more successful if your organization has a "Pilot" - someone specifically dedicated to making it work for you.

We have seen too many accounts get stranded when their 'Pilot person' departs. Always have a second in command - who has Admin, and knows the way your organization uses Grantseeker.

You can ping us anytime in the chat - and just let us know if you're a new Pilot / Co-Pilot. We're always happy to help you get up to speed.

Process: Be Explicit in How Grantseeker Fits In

It's worth the investment to have a super simple charter (ie a Google Doc, 1/2 page is fine) for where Grantseeker plugs into your other organizational processes.

You will likely have some Finance tie-ins (e.g. around) reporting, grant budgets, etc. Make sure the Finance team knows this!

Same goes for Program staff. While they might not be point for grant applications, there's likely some engagement that is needed.

There's no charge for additional users, so feel free to any other team members to your Grantseeker account.

Technology: Make Grantseeker Work for You

There's a little secret to successful technology: the best stuff is hackable.

By that, we mean you have to make it work for you - and there's always one or two little tricks that make things really stick.

So we encourage you: if you need Grantseeker to do something that's not in the "user manual" - go ahead and get a little creative!

Ask our support team in the chat; we probably have a few tricks to share.

And of course, the best hacks often become the best features - so we're happy to hack right alongside you!