Getting Started
Key Terminology

Key Terminology

Grantseeker is pretty simple. Nevertheless, there are a few key bits of terminology to note.

Grants (opens in a new tab)

Grants are specific funding events from a specific Funder. We use the terms 'Opportunity' and 'Request' alongside 'Grant' to further specify the stage of funding as shown here:


When you change the stage of an Opportunity | Request | Grant, it will appear automatically in that respective area of your "Grants Management" menu.

You can view and filter all Requests and Grants together in this view: (opens in a new tab)

Requests (opens in a new tab)

Requests are simply Grant records that are still in pre-award stage (ie. Draft, Submitted, Rejected).

Opportunities (opens in a new tab)

Premium and Prospecting Plans (opens in a new tab) also have access to Opportunities which unlock additional pipeline stages that are suitable for more active grant programs.

Reports (opens in a new tab)

Reports are database records that map to a given Grant and help your team track your reporting obligations.

Reports may have multiple reporting events, and multiple documents.

With our Premium and Prospecting Plans (opens in a new tab) you can also manage a "Reporting Series" - which is designed to help you manage recurring reporting requirements (e.g. quarterly financial updates).

Funders (opens in a new tab)

Funders are any active or prospective funding entity. You can get Funders in automatically (e.g. during the onboarding process, if you provide your EIN), from your Prospecting searches (if you're on that plan), or manually.

Our system is setup to make it easy to auto-populate Funders who are included in our US 990 Coverage Universe.

But you can track any organization as a Funder, whether or not its in our coverage - just add the funder manually (opens in a new tab).

Prospects (opens in a new tab)

If you are on our Prospecting Plan (opens in a new tab), you have access to over 2.8 Million Funding records, and importantly over 500,000 Private Foundation reports.

Our Prospecting module allows you to identify, bookmark, and score these "Prospects." Once you are ready to promote them to a "Funder" you can one-click add them as Funders - and manage them in your pipeline from there.

Tasks (opens in a new tab)

Tasks are a flexible way of tracking your #todos across your team and grant pipleine. You can associate a Task with any Grant, Report, Funder, Initiative, or Payment making Tasks a super fast and effective way of ensuring all the work gets done.

Best Practice
Tasks can be easily copied! Take advantage of this by making some 'Template Tasks' (e.g. name them "TEMPLATE-[Task-Name]") and then search + copy when you want to add a new one.
Try it out: create a New Task here (opens in a new tab)