Getting Started
Invite Your Team

Adding a Team Member

Grantseeker works best when you work as a team. Whether you have a full development staff or you're and ED working with a consultant, Grants love company!

Admins can add a new team member under Settings > Team Members (opens in a new tab).

You'll be able to pick the user's Role (Admin | Member), name and email, like so: InviteTeam

Unique Email Requirement

Currently, Grantseeker requires that all users have a unique email. If an email is in use with another organization, you will not be able to use that email address.

Usually, users encounter this for one of the following reasons:

Abandoned AccountYou're inviting a user-email was used for a trial account that has since been abandonedDelete the user from the old account OR change the email on the old account.
Power UsersYou're trying to invite a consultant / grantwriter / board member who is already using Grantseeker elsewhereUse an alias email to satisfy the uniqueness requirement (e.g.
Competing AccountsSomeone else already set up an account for your organizationCall your colleagues!

Admin Roles

Grantseeker has two roles for members of an organziation:

  • Admins - can add / edit members, change billing, delete Records

  • Members - can add / edit / delete their records; but does not have full edit capabilities like Admins

Best Practice Make sure you have at least two (2) account admins. People go on vacation, get sick, transition to other organizations, etc. Life happens - and you don't want to be stranded.
Go to Settings > Team Members (opens in a new tab) and ensure you have backup.