Getting Started
Configure Your Settings

Settings Menu

The Settings menu is where you configure any user or account related information. If you are the account owner, you should head here early on and get setup nicely! Here's the link to the Settings Menu (opens in a new tab).

You can find it at the top right of the page - just click on your avatar (which might just be your initials if you haven't set up a smiley picture). Like so:


User Settings

Under "User Settings", you'll find:

Plus two Premium / Prospecting features (you'll need a paid plan (opens in a new tab)):

Org Settings

Account owners / admins will have the ability to manage their org's details here. You'll find:

Each user on Grantseeker must have a unique email. If an email is already in use on Grantseeker you will not be able to invite a new user with the same email. This tends to happen when a user has an old trial account or for our consultant clients. See inviting teammates to learn more.

Data Management

At the bottom of the Settings menu, you'll find the Data Management section where you can do the following: