Premium Plan

Grantseeker Support : Premium

Note: Premium is an upgraded paid feature. (opens in a new tab) Upgrading to Prospecting allows you the added ability to find prospective funders by focus area and location.Grantseeker Premium is ideal for organizations aiming to boost their productivity and track their grants management strategically. Keep your team closely aligned with integrations and reminders so they never miss a deadline, and see the high level strategy and trends to ensure you focus on what matters most. In addition to all the features you get through Basic (opens in a new tab), you also get:

  • Google Drive Integration: Ensure linked documents are always up to date by connecting your records to Google Drive.
  • Calendar Integration: Stay on schedule by adding Grantseeker to your preferred calendar application
  • Custom Fields:  To further help you have a more robust experience throughout your grants life cycle, you can also add 'Custom Fields' to your Opportunities, Requests, Grants, or Funder tabs.
  • Email Notifications: Never miss a deadline with email notifications at customizable intervals to match your needs
  • Excel Exports: Download pre-built reports to seamlessly share with your team.
  • Data Visualizations: View high level summaries of your granting pipeline and program funding.
  • Program Budgeting(Allocations): Allocate funds from Grants and Requests towards specific Programs to see if you're on track to meet your goals for the year
  • Opportunities: track potential grant applications that your team may be assessing for fit, but may not be quite ready to commit to proceeding with the application process, or the submission deadline has not been fully confirmed.
  • Reporting Schedule/Recurring Reports: Recurring reports that can be repeated in the event a report may be due on a recurring basis, such as quarterly reports.
  • Tags: A "tag" is a label attached to a record (i.e. your grant, or an answer) to help identify it or to give provide other information your organization may use to classify records.
  • Timeline: See the whole picture with all of your granting milestones in one place

 *Grantseeker is not a funder, does not provide funding to organizations or causes, anddoes not list available grants from funders.*Note: Upgrading to Prospecting allows you the added ability to find prospective funders by focus area and location.