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'Opportunities' are potential grant applications that your team may be assessing for fit, but may not be quite ready to commit to proceeding with the application process, or the submission deadline has not been fully confirmed. 

Note: Grantseeker is not a funder, does not provide funding to organizations or causes, anddoes not list available or open grants from funders.


Tracking a New Opportunity

You can create new opportunities by clicking on '+Track New Opportunity' in the top right corner of your Opportunities page.

Change Status

To help keep better track of your opportunities, you can update each opportunity with a status (opens in a new tab).

Here, you can track and label your Opportunities according to:

  • 'Researching'
  • 'LOI Submitted'
  • 'Deferred'


This is a grant you add to your list when you think it may fit your needs, but are still researching and doing due diligence before committing to sending in a LOI. Thus, you would mark the status of this opportunity as 'Researching'.

LOI (Letter of Intent)

A Letter of Intent, or more commonly an 'LOI', is your letter declaring your organization will be applying to a Funder's upcoming grant. However, not all Funders require an LOI submission, and so this status may not always be needed. The 'LOI Submitted' status would reflect when your team has submitted an LOI to a Funder that has required one.


A 'Deferred' opportunity may be a good fit, but your team simply does not have the resources to apply, or perhaps there is no open funding at the moment to commit to applying.


Opportunity Details

In addition to your funding amount and dates, you can also add in a 'Confidence Percentage' to help gauge how likely your project may or may not receive funding.

Adding Program Allocations

To show how your potential grant money may be allocated with an opportunity, you can create Program Allocations (opens in a new tab) by clicking '+ Add Program Allocation'. Doing this will open a program line item, where you can select the program, the fiscal year, and the amount being allocated.