Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Grantseeker?

A: Grantseeker is a freemium online grants management tool that helps you create and manage tasks, track all of your grant applications and keep your whole team on the same page. Grantseeker provides you with tools to help you effectively manage your grants and applications. Through Grantseeker can manage your grants pipeline, track requirements, create and assign tasks among your team and stay on top of payments, reports and deadlines. 

Q: Does Grantseeker provide grants or a direct connection to Funders?

A: Grantseeker is not a funder and does not provide funding to organizations or causes. Similarly, Grantseeker currently does not list available grants from funders. Previously, Grantseeker did have a connection to Funder portals hosted by Fluxx (opens in a new tab) - as of April 2023 we have disconnected this feature.

Q: Where can I learn about Grantseeker's plans and pricing?

A: To see what features are within each plan, please visit our Pricing (opens in a new tab) page.

Q: Who is Grantseeker for?

A: Grantseeker is for Grantees (nonprofit organizations who receive funding). Our customers are largely US-based tax-exempt organizations; but we do serve customers from a number of countries, including UK, CAN, NZ, and AUS.  

Q: How does Grantseeker help Grantees?

A: Through Grantseeker, nonprofit teams can track, manage, and scale-up their grant funding programs. We help track requirements, coordinate updates, assign tasks and stay on top of payments, reports and deadlines without missing a beat.

Learn more about Why Grantseeker here! (opens in a new tab)

Q: Where can we access Grantseeker?

A: Grantseeker can be accessed by most web browsers with access the internet. Grantees can add people from their organization and delegate tasks, share timelines, and provide additional insights all within Grantseeker, from wherever they are.

Q: Does Grantseeker connect or share information with Funders / Foundations?

A: Grantseeker no longer provides a "portal" or any other connection to Funders / Foundations (as of April 2023). Your information is not shared with any Funders / Foundations and is private to you (which we think is better!). If you have questions about any legacy features, please reach out to our team.

Q: How can I share my feature suggestions and other ideas about the product?

A: We're excited to hear your feedback! Please contact our Support Team (opens in a new tab) so we can track and prioritize your request.